4 responses to “Office Humor: Is it just sports fans?

  1. I’ve been meaning to get over here! You have a GREAT attitude toward your customers. (The customer is always right, yes?)

    Our son is a Huskies fan, so I’ll pop over to TeamMASCOT to see what’s cookin.’

    Have a wonderful weekend Jen!

    e-Mom :~D

  2. Jen

    Thanks, e-Mom! Go Huskies, eh? Well, that’s good to know, I sometimes have Huskies stuff that I can discount. 🙂

  3. OBloodyHell

    Nice piece. You experience similarly absurd things in the computer industry.

    BTW: That Illini “PC” thing. It’s just beyond reason how absolutely, inherently, and obviously ludicrous the whole “denigrates the Indians” BS is.

    Simply put: With a few random humorous exceptions (“UCSC Banana Slugs” comes to mind), sports mascots are NEVER slurs.

    You would never, ever have named a team (forgive the implied usage) anything like the “Nashville N****ers”, would you? Of course not!

    No — team mascots are ALWAYS in some way representative of an **admirable** quality — The idea is that the team in some way embodies the qualities of the mascot which the namers, members/owners, players, coaches, and fans consider **desirable**. This means that slurs aren’t on the list of potential names.

    Among such qualities one often encounters fierceness (Tigers, Panthers, Hawks, Spartans, Pirates), but also sometimes intelligence and wisdom (Owls), or industriousness (Beavers). Pride of place (Jayhawks) also applies.

    Note how there’s not a slur in the bunch. Naming a team after a band of Indians (or Indians in general) is a sign of RESPECT for Native Americans as fierce, competitive warriors. You don’t call them the “Redskins” because “Redskins” were lame-ass pussies like the French (I mean, would anyone ever name their team the “Huguenots?” Well, maybe. How about “The Parisians”? I think not).

    Claiming offense at such naming is nothing more than the Perpetually Indignant constantly searching for something to be perpetually indignant about. In a smart society, such morons would be fool killed. In our society, the only real choice is to ignore said idiots, or, if you have the time, rip their heads off with the above observation as the basis for the verbal dismantling. But never, ever give into them.

    One of the functions of society is to protect the weak. Unfortunately, it protects the weak too much. As a result, people too stupid to avoid tigers wind up reproducing at least as much as people who were able to avoid tigers. And eventually, you wind up with a lot of really, really stupid people.

    Too much tiger food.
    Not enough tigers.

  4. Jen

    OBloodyHell, EXACTLY my feelings on the mascot issue. Never ceases to send me into fits. And good point about the Perpetually Indignant always on the prowl for the next thing. I mean, what else do they have to live for?

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