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Bush attends historic Army-Navy Game


Bush tosses coin to start the Army-Navy rivalry

Bush tosses coin to start the Army-Navy rivalry

The historic Army-Navy showdown ended yesterday with a 34-0 Navy victory. President Bush just wanted “the guys in uniform” to win, so I’m sure our Commander-in-Chief was happy with the outcome.

Yesterday’s game was Bush’s third visit to the Army-Navy intense rivalry, his final as President and Commander of the armed forces. This game marked the 109th meeting between the service academies, and Bush divided his time in the stands with first the Army, sitting with wounded soldiers, then with the Navy side.

Navy has now won seven in a row over Army, but as President Bush likes to say, The United States of America is the team that should win, and in this case, as the crowd erupted into chants of “USA, USA,” that is exactly what happened.


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